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Surface Inscription, 2023, foam, concrete, embroidery, chicken wire, 12” x 54”

Hit, 2023, Steel, Yarn, 23” x 123”

Accumulate, 2023, sheet steel, steel rod, grinding dust, steel wool, cardboard, 33”x26”x50” 

Pull, 2023, Wood, Yarn, 33” x 16.5” x 33” (dimensions of each box) 

Industrial-Grade Quilt, 2023, Concrete Rubble, Chicken Wire, Mohair, 24.5” x 51.75”

Closed System of Domestic Accumulation, 2024, steel, vacuum tube, dust, hair, electrical cord, outlet, 4’x4’

Combined Footing (installation), 2024 wood, concrete, plexiglass, sand, reflective objects

Repeated Futures, 2023, Ink-jet Print, Nails, Wood, 31” x 24” 

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